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TFC Recycling provides Responsible Waste Solutions for hundreds of businesses across Virginia and North Carolina.

TFC can design a recycling and waste removal program tailored to the needs of your unique industry. Did you know up to 75% of a company's waste can be recycled? This is all the more reason for you to begin your own business recycling program today!


TFC Recycling truck

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Commercial Trash, Recycling, Dumpsters, Waste Audits and more


TFC Recycling 30 yard container truck

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Residential and Commercial Non-hazardous Waste Removal and Recycling


Event Recycling Container bin from TFC

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Responsible Waste Solutions for Any Outdoor Event, Whether Big or Small


Residential recycling bin TFC

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Recycling Programs for Municipal Waste or Multi-family Housing Developments

Make your place of work more green with our Office Recycling Options!

In an office setting, we can provide small, blue bins that sit alongside trash containers. With our single stream office recycling program, employees can throw away recyclable paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass in a single recycling bin.

Industrial Recycling Specialists

In an industrial setting, TFC provides compactors and a variety of large containers for recyclable paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass.

TFC Recycling works hard to find a market for all your company's waste. We offer a FREE Recycling and Waste Audit. Let us do a little professional "dumpster diving" for your business and TFC will design a business recycling and waste program that saves money and the earth.

For more information about Industrial Recycling Services, contact TFC or call (757) 543-5766.