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Business Services

TFC Recycling works hard to find a market for all of your company's waste. We offer recycling and waste audits.

Let us do a little professional "dumpster diving" for your business and TFC will design a business recycling and waste program that saves money and the earth. TFC is here to help identify what materials in your trash stream can be recycled.
If your business is throwing away the following materials, contact TFC Recycling today!

  • Cardboard
  • Paper (All Grades)
  • Metals
  • Plastics

For more information about Industrial Recycling Services, contact TFC or call (757) 543-5766.

Dumpster sizes:

  • 2 cubic yard – 72” wide by 36” deep by 40” tall.
  • 4 cubic yard – 72” wide by 54” deep by 48.25” tall.
  • 6 cubic yard – 72” wide by 66” deep by 60” tall.
  • 8 cubic yard – 72” wide by 66” deep by 80” tall.

Want to go a step further and involve your employees? TFC Recycling is available to help educate your employees and monitor your overall recycling habits. We document your successes and implement ways in which we can make your office a greener space.

For more information about implementing Business Recycling Services, please fill out the form here on this page or call (757) 543-5766.