Chesterfield Subscription - TFC Recycling



Below is a Map of the Current Services Areas.

Introducing TFC Select, our subscription-based curbside recycling service. For one low monthly fee of $9, you can recycle right with TFC Recycling, your trusted partner in sustainable practices. Sign up today and you can get recycling picked-up, with the same level of service, from the same provider of your curbside recycling for over 22 years.
Support sustainability for this generation and the next. Find out if your community is covered by TFC Select.

Thank you for your interest in subscribing to curbside recycling service provided by TFC. We are currently offering residential subscription services in designated areas throughout Chesterfield.

This service is being offered to single family residential units ONLY. If you reside in a Multi-Family community please contact our sales department at 757.543.5766 or email